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1M FUNDING SERVICES is a Marketing Agent for the loan provider - Mom & Pop Business Funding. The Lender Mom & Pop Business Funding, opened in 2007, to meet the financial needs of small business owners, who usually had difficulty obtaining adequate working capital to grow their businesses. The company has since provided over $8 Billion to businesses of all sizes. The requirements for funding have made Mom & Pop Business Funding, located in the State of Oregon, one of the fastest-growing loan providers in the USA.

Uses for Funds/Money - Anything You Want. Whether all or some of the funds you received are deployed in your business is up to you. If you have a family or personal need, there is no restriction against utilizing these funds. Consult your tax accountant about write-offs.

Examples of Fund Uses
  • Business Expansion
  • Setting up/Purchasing Another Location
  • Marketing
  • Working Capital
  • Assist Purchasers To Buy Your Business
Examples of Fund Uses
  • Facility Renovation
  • Equipment Upgrade or Replacement
  • Partnership Buy-out
  • Pay-off Delinquent Taxes
  • Partnership Buy-out
  • Family Emergency Or Needs
Where Is This Money Available?

Funds are available in all 50 States in the USA. Non-citizens must have their businesses in the United States to be eligible for funding.

What kind of funding is this?

We fund businesses based on their future income potential. Personal income is not a factor. This funding is called Merchant Cash Advance or a loan, depending on the State the business is located in.

A Sampling of Funding Amounts To Businesses

Notice the variety of businesses that were funded and the number of days it took to process and have the funds deposited into their business accounts.

  • Provides Wine Bar $270,000 in 1 business day
  • Pizza Parlor receives $440,000 within 24 hours
  • A Hotel owner receives $385,000 within 2 days.
  • Provides building supply company $85,000 in 1.5 days. 
  • Provides Mattress Store $340,000 in 2 days
  • Provides Auto Parts Store $745,250 in 2 business days.
  • Provides Dental Practice $212,000 in 1 day
  • Provides $790,800 to a New York Hotel
  • Provides $279,100 to a Private Golf Course
  • Provides $575,000 to a Ship Repair facility
  • Provides Window Manufacturer $72,000 in 1 business day
  • Provides Trucking Company $405,000 in 1 business day